Feng Shui

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Feng Shui

SCD inc. specializes in using Feng Shui to help you create a happy and harmonious living/working environment through careful selection and pleasing arrangement of elements within your home, office or commercial space. We help create an environment with positive energy by delivering a satisfying or dramatic atmosphere that will always please our clients.

Feng Shui is the art and science of balancing the energy where we live and work by creating harmony with our environment.

Feng Shui is often described as the ancient Chinese art of placement, based on understanding how your surroundings affect you. It helps to establish proper alignment to the arrangement, placement, harmonizing and re-balancing of the environment to create balance and comfort.

Feng Shui in its literal translation means, “Wind” (Feng) and “Water” (Shui). It is a study of life force energy or “Chi” that flows everywhere, interacting with your bodies, home, offices and surroundings. The aim of Feng Shui is to bring forth this invisible life force so that the more positive energies can be received. When someone aligns themselves with the natural forces of good energy in nature, they would experience “good fortune” and when someone aligns themselves with negative or stagnant energy, they will experience difficulty and/or obstacles.

Feng Shui is now quickly gaining recognition and popularity in North America due to the astounding positive results being experienced by people who incorporate it into their world. As an example, Donald Trump is a strong user of Feng Shui and has applied it to each of his properties where he wants to ensure success and prosperity.

Below is an example of a Bagua. Its literal translation mean, “Eight” (Ba) and “Areas” (Gua) as it revolves around you. The diagram shows nine zones (with you in the CENTER) corresponding to the major areas of life. Each of your space is carefully evaluated using the “Bagua” and then we can help adjust your environment or space to maximize greater health and productivity while improving your quality of life through the use of colors, furniture pieces, lighting and/or accessories.

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